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Let's get the bad stuff out of the way: Wind-driven rain, melting snow, and ice dams, a common problem in New England, are just some of the ways water can your enter your home if your shingles, shingle underlayment, or flashing aren't in perfect shape. And there are all sorts of problems that come with water infiltration, from structural damage and the threat of fire from shorted wires to health problems associated with the growth of mold and mildew.

Not to mention energy costs.

Fortunately, the signs of a problem roof are easy to spot: internal or blistering or peeling paint; stains on interior walls and ceiling; dark patches from fungus or mold; missing, curling, buckling, or cracked shingles.

If you see any of these problems, it's time to visit A. Boilard Sons.


GAF Dimensional Shingles
Barkwood   Hickory  
Charcoal Black   Pewter Gray  
Shakewood   Foxhollow Gray   Wethered Wood   Slate Gray  
Tamko Dimensional Shingles
Old English Pewter  
Virginia Slate  
Rustic Black  

Stock colors – other colors available via special order with a short lead time


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We have roofing products for professionals and homeowners alike, including:

Ideal Metal Roofing

Ideal Roofing has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality steel roofing and siding products since 1929.

Fabral Metal Roofing

An economical and durable solution, Fabral metal barn roofs come in a variety of architectural design styles.

Roofing/Synthetic Underlayment

Felt paper or asphalt felt paper, roofing felt is made of fibers that are matted under pressure. Typical uses of felt paper are as an underlayment beneath roofing and siding materials, where it can provide secondary protection against water. Another option would be synthetic, which also serves as a vapor barrier. It also provides safer footing while applying shingles and can be left longer exposed to the weather.

Ice and Water Barrier

Especially important in vulnerable areas, such as vents, dormers, eave and rake edges, chimneys, valleys, and skylights, ice and water shield underlayment products are easy to apply and good for use under almost all roofs.


Poor venting can keep moisture in, causing your heating and cooling system to work overtime and sending your energy bills literally through the roof. Choices include synthetic and aluminum ridge vent as well as wooden and aluminum gable vents. Come into A. Boilard Sons for venting materials and keep the air flowing.

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Bring your ideas and your questions to Boilard Lumber where we have the answers. Customizing the cabinets to the counters, we can create a design for your kitchen or bath and afford you the time, selection, and assistance to choose the appropriate materials.

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